Finance On The Coast

Phil Riches has been assisting KSG clients with their mortgage and refinancing needs for over 3 years. Phil is the senior mortgage consultant at Finance On The Coast with a career in commercial and residential lending experience spanning more than 10 years. He has an extensive background forging long term partnerships with accounting and financial planning practices; providing economic overviews, discussing accounting best practices and common issues as well as assisting their business and consumer clients with their often complex lending requirements. Phil was previously a financial planner in the UK where he also managed a sales team. Phil holds financial planning and accounting qualifications from the UK.

How do I arrange bank finance to help my small business grow and prosper

“We are conscious that the financial sector can be a confusing minefield due to constantly changing credit policies, interest rates and government rulings, as well as real estate and legal requirements. Allow us to take care of these stressful situations for you, as our aim is to take the pain out of the finance process.” – Phil Riches

Finance On The Coast was founded in 2004 in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. They are genuine experts in finance, with commercial and residential lending experience gained at major banks and non bank lenders. Their previous experience working in financial planning, accounting and stockbroking practices also gives them a broad understanding of the short and long term financial needs of our clients. In addition, the client interview process involves use of a “fact find” which can help determine long term goals you may not know you had.

How are Finance On The Coast different from banks?

Finance On The Coast has a huge range of loan products from over 30 lenders with literally thousands of products. They give every customer a detailed calculation showing how they came to their product comparison recommendation based on your answers in their fact find.

How are Finance On The Coast different from other mortgage brokers?

On the home and investment lending side, Finance On The Coast have differentiated themselves from a traditional mortgage broking service – they have direct access to experienced bank managers who they believe are the best in market, including private banking where appropriate. Not only will they guide your through the loan approval process, they will look after you once the loan has settled – meaning no overseas call centres to deal with, as well as saving an enormous amount of time, time you can spend relaxing or finding your next property.

What is the commercial bank offering?

With Finance On The Coast’s commercial bank offering, they have major banks, non bank lenders and private funding available – meaning they can assist with all Commercial lending enquiries, from multi million dollar development loans to cash flow solutions such as invoice finance and insurance premium funding. Their Commercial Bank Managers are industry specialists and as such are all too aware of best practices and challenges you face within your business.

What ongoing financial education do Finance On The Coast offer?

Finance On The Coast have also committed to the ongoing financial education of their customers- in the media room there is a series of educational videos that were made for the Sydney Morning Herald. Also one of Finance On The Coast senior mortgage consultant’s Virginia Graham recently wrote a book “Flirting With Finance” to teach women the basics of finance.

If you require assistance with your financing needs please contact your KSG Account Manager.