The Australian Corporation of Public Accountants was incorporated on the 19 February 1905. The NSW Membership in total in 1909 was 128 members (including 34 associates not-in-practice).

In 1906 the original predecessor firm of Johnson Edwards & Co commenced.

The names of Johnson E.L. and Edwards E. did not appear in the 1910 and 1917 lists of members. But in the 30/06/1917 annual report both Edward Edwards and Edwin Lionel Johnson appear as fellows, a position which cannot be attained without being qualified for a period of years. They remained listed in the annual reports until 1925.

The Royal Charter of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia was granted on the 26 of October 1929 and the list of members on the 30 June 1931 (reports are missing from 1926 to 1930). These reports show Edward Edwards and Edwin Lionel Johnson of Wynyard and George Streets Sydney of the firm Johnson Edwards & Co.

  • 1937 Winston Sydney Edwards was listed as a Fellow and at the same time Richard Earp Jones was listed as an associate not-in-practice. They joined the other two in the firm.
  • 1947 the firm name is listed as Johnson Edwards & Lack (Corner Wynyard & George Streets) and Walter Hurst Lack is shown as an associate not-in-practice.
  • 1955 Terry Forrest admitted to Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and practiced at Mosman.
  • 1959 George William Sneddon left Irish & Michelmore and joined Terry Forrest.
  • 1961 T A Forrest Sneddon & Co was formed when GW Sneedon became a partner with T A Forrest.
  • 1963 There wer only 2 partners in the firm of Johnson Edwards Lack & Parsons
  • 1963 T A Forrest Sneddon & Co merged with Johnson Edwards Lack & Parsons at 6 Wynyard Street as Johnson Parsons & Co. The 4 partners were T A Forrest, G Sneddon, R E Jones & A J Parsons.
  • 1965 GN Timmins joined the partnership
  • 1967 T A Forrest Sneddon & Co moved to Macquarie Place – Kyle House
  • 1974 A J Parsons died.
  • 1976 T A Forrest Sneddon & Co moved to Australia Square
  • 1977 RE Jones retired
  • 1979 EW Roberts joined as a partner
  • 1985 the Firm changed names to Forrest Roberts Sneddon & Timmins Rowlands

George William Sneddon retired 30 June 1990 and Raimond Bazbauers joined the Partnership of Forrest Roberts Bazbauers & Co.

In 1992  the firmed moved to Chatswood.

The move to Chatswood led to he retirement from the Firm of Terence A Forrest and the firm name became Forrest Roberts Bazbauers Kindred Servces Pty Ltd on the admission of PE Kindred to the firm.