KSG has been providing accounting, taxation and audit services on Sydney’s North Shore for 15 years. Our highly specialised team has a wealth of knowledge and qualifications including registered tax agents, registered company auditors and registered SMSF auditors.

We’ll do your homework and reduce risk

At KSG, we see Due Diligence as doing our homework thoroughly when our clients are contemplating a major outlay such as buying a business or new premises. It sounds simple enough, but it requires a deep-dive into every aspect of the situation – from the books to the customers to competition.

Some things we always look for include:

  • A healthy cash flow
  • Are profits going up or down?
  • Where are the revenue streams?
  • How reliable are the financial projections?
  • What multiplier is it asking?
  • How big is the market – and is it growing?
  • Are there any major new competitors?
  • Are physical assets valued accurately?
  • Are there any hidden liabilities?
  • ASIC and other documentation
  • Tax position
  • Financing

Major investments have so many variables to consider, and thorough due diligence is the best way to reduce risk. Please involve us in your decision-making.