People moving into aged care accommodation from today will need to pay under a different set of rules to those already in care.

The Living Longer, Living Better reforms are aimed at making the system more affordable for the government over the coming decades. To put this into context – the last of the baby boomer generation will reach age 85 in about the year 2050. At that time, it is expected that there will be some 700,000 Australians living in permanent aged care accommodation and another 2.8 million people receiving care in their own home.

Whether these reforms are the best way to meet the government’s objectives is probably going to be an ongoing debate. Nonetheless, we can already see improvements in the transparency and choice that residents (and their families) have in making decisions at what is often an emotional time. The new website allows you to search and compare nursing homes under various criteria – such as location, room configuration, upfront costs and any religious or cultural affiliations.

Like most things, access to good information is crucial for making good decisions. If you or someone in your family is finding that day-to-day life is becoming difficult, give us a call and ask to speak with Jeremy Rankin. We are well placed to help you with navigating various rules and options you may confront in achieving the care and comfort you desire.

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