Businesses today have to deal with and interpret an increasing load of complex data and information.  At KSG our accounting services are designed to

  • Help you identify information that is important to the day-to-day running of your business
  • Help you to make sense of information and use it in making better decisions for your business
  • Help you through better decision making to enhance the performance of your business, increase profits, build the value of your business and create long term wealth and viability.

At KSG we want to provide business owners with knowledge, not just information.  We have developed a suite of accounting services that focus on key areas of performance such as risk management, business planning and organisational development to help you achieve your goals.  These services include:

  • Business valuation services and advice on buying and selling businesses
  • Strategic and business planning services
  • Evaluating the impact of different strategies on profitability and cash flow
  • Designing appropriate business structures and funding models
  • Evaluating appropriate information and accounting systems for your business
  • Assisting businesses in budget setting and cash flow forecasting
  • Developing reports to provide relevant and accurate information to business owners
  • Analysing reports including identification of key ratios and comparison to industry benchmarks
  • Preparation of regular management reports and year end statutory accounts and annual reports
  • Bookkeeping services including creditors and debtors functions and payroll processing

KSG’s accounting services are delivered by experienced and committed professionals, many with hands on experience in running businesses themselves.  Our experienced team has considerable knowledge and expertise in a wide range of industry sectors and understands what it takes to achieve excellence in your business.