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Cloud Accounting Software

Accountants are reprogramming our roles to meet the challenges of the brave new virtual world.

These days the impact of cloud computing is impossible to ignore.  Businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud software which they never need to update, can use from their iPads and smartphones, and costs just a few dollars a month.

Accountants are no less immune from the change sweeping the business world.  Cloud accounting software allows accountant and business owner to view, manipulate and generate reports from the same set of financial data, at the same time, from different locations.  Another great advantage of cloud software is that version issues are non-existent everyone is working from the latest (and the same) set of accounts.

Business owners switching to cloud software have a different relationship with their accountant.  While accounting is always looking rearwards, the time needed to access data has shrunk dramatically and the quality of advice has grown as a result.  Rather than saying, you had a bad month, let’s move on, we can say, why has this occurred and how you can get onto that and fix it.  Accountants have transformed themselves into advisors who coach businesses to greater success, rather than a number factory, because technology is certainly going to be doing a lot of that work in the future.

More and more KSG clients have switched to cloud accounting software, such as Saasu, MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight Live, and the feedback from them have been very positive.

For more information please contact Ian Cousins or your account manager on 02 9406 5900.

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